Schneider PC 1640 / PC 1512 DOS 3.20 3.20

Category: OS
Year: 1986
Description:Schneider / Amstard System Disks for Schneider PC 1640 or PC 1512 including MS DOS 3.20 and PC GEM. Works fine with VirtualBox.
Manufacturer: Schneider / Amstrad
Localization: DE

Files to download

#18752SchneiderPC1640.zip681.2 KB0x4754958E

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On Friday April 2, 2021 zdrast said:

here is a screenshot (mouse track makes trouble)
bit ly/39zxeAZ

On Friday April 2, 2021 zdrast said:

i extracted all disks using magicdisk in a "gem" folder .than i started dosbox
gemvdi told me "gemvdi nicht inst."
perhaps it should all be extracted in the e.g. D:\