Sanitarium 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1998
Description:Sanitarium is a point-and-click adventure game, best described as a psychological thriller. The player is cast as Max Laughton, a man who wakes up in a bizarre asylum, suffering from amnesia due to a car accident. He will have to find out who he is, and what he is doing there. The game world is divided into five different levels, each having its own atmosphere, and it's not always clear if something is happening on the grounds of the sanitarium or in the delusional mind of the protagonist. Both movement of Max and picking up items are done with the mouse. Puzzles are mostly inventory-related, with a few machine and lever puzzles. There are also a few action sequences, but even when the player dies, the game can be continued without any penalty. Talking to various NPCs will teach the player about their bizarre surroundings.
Manufacturer: DreamForge Intertainment, Inc
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#14267Sanatarium - Disc One Part 01.7z50 MB0xD993E1CA
#14268Sanatarium - Disc One Part 02.7z50 MB0xBF56A810
#14269Sanatarium - Disc One Part 03.7z50 MB0x2BBEED05
#14270Sanatarium - Disc One Part 04.7z50 MB0x68395555
#14271Sanatarium - Disc One Part 05.7z50 MB0xD5D1AF30
#14272Sanatarium - Disc One Part 06.7z50 MB0x39502000
#14273Sanatarium - Disc One Part 07.7z50 MB0x66AE3D3D
#14274Sanatarium - Disc One Part 08.7z50 MB0x5A643FE7
#14275Sanatarium - Disc One Part 09.7z2.4 MB0xC3DAF044
#14287Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 01.7z50 MB0x260CD4F3
#14288Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 02.7z50 MB0x9E29E2DE
#14289Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 03.7z50 MB0xEEF9A6B1
#14290Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 04.7z50 MB0xF9627F35
#14291Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 05.7z50 MB0x463577BE
#14292Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 06.7z50 MB0xD0B99692
#14293Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 07.7z50 MB0x861C028
#14294Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 08.7z50 MB0x817F2D07
#14295Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 09.7z50 MB0xB5E7FBA7
#14296Sanatarium - Disc Three Part 10.7z32.2 MB0xADF82696
#14276Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 01.7z50 MB0xCE5D4885
#14277Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 02.7z50 MB0x4A650D45
#14278Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 03.7z50 MB0xE6E339CC
#14279Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 04.7z50 MB0xED0B6CCA
#14280Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 05.7z50 MB0x2C68C858
#14281Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 06.7z50 MB0xE613E459
#14282Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 07.7z50 MB0x551AD32B
#14283Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 08.7z50 MB0x8B9FDCB9
#14284Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 09.7z50 MB0x20BCE61E
#14285Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 10.7z50 MB0x34A40C6
#14286Sanatarium - Disc Two Part 11.7z10 MB0x27D1090

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On Sunday July 5, 2015 John McGniss said:

Could not get it to work.
I unzipped the series of 7z files to create a single .7z.001 file that I unzipped to a single .7z file. The final .7z file "cannot be opened as an archive"

On Monday August 11, 2014 al tracker said:

Downloads took about 2-3 minutes per 50mb archive file. This required quite a convoluted process to finally extract the CD ISO files, but was quite worthwhile:
1-Group each set of downloaded CD files in its own directory.
2-Extract each file using Winrar or 7-zip
3-Using the extracted file set, extract the files:
"Sanatarium - Disc One.UIF"
"Sanatarium - Disc Two.UIF"
"Sanatarium - Disc Three.UIF"
4-Burn the image to CD if you have MagicIso or other program that can read UIF files.
Else DL "UIF to ISO" from "​" (563 kb) and install to Windows.
Convert the UIF files to ISO files (easy convertion).
Burn to CD from the converted ISO.
5-All the files converted properly and burned to CD ok using the "UIF TO ISO" converter.