SPF/PC v4 4

Category: Utility
Year: 2015
Description:Will work with DOS, 95, 98, w2k, xp, vista win7 Like Main Frame editor with REXX macro ability
Manufacturer: Command Technology
Localization: EN

Files to download

#8999SPFPC40.RAR859.3 KB0x99841EC7Fake?

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On Monday February 20, 2023 RGW said:

Tim R. Tetiva died of covid. RIP. His great work is available for free at the following link: https://github.com/michaelknig​ge/spf-editor/releases

On Sunday April 5, 2020 Archeobasix said:

Not working on Windows 10, even in compatibility mode. Pity.

On Wednesday December 20, 2017 Larson Smith said:

Might be better off with The Hybrid Editor XE.

On Sunday April 5, 2015 David Wheatley said:

Only runs on 32 bit OS.

On Sunday November 9, 2014 Nota Wanted said:

Downloaded and unpacked - works well except need a single key SEND. Real pain using func/enter to send

On Wednesday September 24, 2014 Geir said:

RAR files can be extracted with winzip ;-)

On Monday March 31, 2014 Fausto Saporito said:

It's not a fake, it's a very useful utility if you know the mainframe world. You can edit your JCLs / source code and send them directly to the mainframe, using some REXX facilities.

On Friday April 26, 2013  said:

Downloads a file with the extension .RAR - what you do with that is totally unknown and undocumented. (Good thing it's free, huh).