SCO Unix Release 3.2 Version 4.21

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Description:Open Desktop/Server 3.0 3.2v4.2 1994. Open Desktop, Open Desktop Lite, Open Server.
Manufacturer: SCO Group
Localization: EN
OS: Unix

Files to download

#6854SCOUNX01.zip583.8 KB0x89032BFE
#6855SCOUNX02.zip515.5 KB0xF1E2A2E0
#6856SCOUNX03.zip692.6 KB0xC8AF35AF
#6857SCOUNX04.zip1.2 MB0x6E245EB4
#6860SCOUNX05.zip961.3 KB0x8151605D
#6858SCOUNX06.zip746.9 KB0x1173BC6
#6859SCOUNX07.zip1.2 MB0x2AE84977
#6861SCOUNX08.zip1.4 MB0x663EC1AA
#6862SCOUNX09.zip1.3 MB0xBF0DE2BB
#6863SCOUNX10.zip1.3 MB0xD538B1C4
#6864SCOUNX11.zip1.2 MB0xC7B8F08
#6865SCOUNX12.zip1 MB0xABFE6373
#6866SCOUNX13.zip648.6 KB0x2AF3DD9D
#6867SCOUNX14.zip1017.5 KB0x5BE588DF

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On Sunday October 11, 2015 giuseppeLin23 said:

Disk5 is not fake but 100% is corrupted image

On Friday July 18, 2014 Sabka Yaar said:

I got a source file read error on disk 5 while converting td0 to img but I was able to install the disks in VMware and run SCO Unix without any problem. Thanks a lot.

On Friday August 24, 2012 levinard said:

These are in .td0 format, which means you need teledisk to write them to floppy disks. And it doesn't look like SCO OpenDesktop to me, By what the readme says.

On Monday July 26, 2010 butterpecan said:


On Monday March 22, 2010  said:

I get an error on disk 5... Sigh, and I've lost my copy of these disks