SASIxp 10

Category: Office
Year: 2009
Description:This is a complete installation repackage of SASIxp / CLASSROOMxp student information database by person. The minimum System Requirements state windows 2000 or greater as well as this only works on the windows platform as I don't own mac computer. Run the install Aware Wizard that I snapped together, and be on your way. The default user ID and password once installed are both "SASI" (no quotes and case-insensitive). This has been pre-licensed with a MASTER-LEVEL license key and thus no serial is required. Certain features MIGHT NOT WORK due to unknown bugs in the software before pearson end of lifed it so these are to be expected. beyond this, the software is fully functional (even under windows 7/8) I'd not attempt to run this in windows 10
Manufacturer: Pearson School System
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#17304SASIxp.zip68 MB0x32BC8502

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