S-YXG100 PVL 1.11.49

Category: Multimedia
Year: 2001
Description:The Yamaha Software Synthesizer S-YXG100 allows you to play back MIDI song files on your computer without using a hardware tone generator. The S-YXG100 takes the existing S-YXG50 engine and adds 256 preset VL voices conforming to the VL/XG spec of the VL70m. It also combines the Voice mode programmability and parameters of the VL70m. Yamaha recommends a Pentium II for full use of the S-YXG100 engine, as the code is optimized around this chipset. The PolyVL (PVL) had eight voice polyphony for the physical modeling, whereas the VL and all of the hardware Yamaha VL synths only had one voice, or two for the original VL-1.
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#16888Yamaha S-YXG100 PVL V1.11.49 - final.zip20.7 MB0x19EF1233Fake?

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