Rudolph Loew's Win9xME patches

Category: System
Year: 2021
Description:The legendary Rloew (Rudolph Loew) created Windows 9x upgrades that Microsoft itself could never do. His legacy has left the community with a countless amount of patches that will modernize any Windows 9x system and make any old PC usable in even 2020! It's a blessing that Rloew's son has decided to make patches public. Patches Included: **ACHI Driver 3.0 **CD Tools **DLL Hook (System API Hooker) **File64 **File64W (Unicode) **File64XP **High Capacity Disk Patch 5.3 (HCDP) **High Capacity Disk Patch 5.3a (PATCHATA) **IO8 Decompresser **Kernel32 2gb Bug Patch 1.4 (Kernel32) **Kickwork 1.3 (For Amiga 1000 only!!!) **1TB Patch (allows VFat.VXD driver to properly handle partitions above 1TB) **Encrypted Disk Patch 2.0 (PATCHENC) **Ram Patch 7.2 (PATCHMEM) **Non-DOS Partitition Corruption Patch (PATCHPAR) **CD/DVD Drive Size Patch 0.1 - correctly report size of disk larger than 2gb **NVIDIA Graphics Card Size Patch 3.0 - Allows 512MB cards on Windows 9x **SATA Driver 1.1a (PTCHSATA) **HIMEMEX Non-XMS Ramdisks 2.0 **Repacker **Rloew Electronics Disk Partitioning Utility (RFDISK and RFDISKD) **Rloew Disk Formatting Utility 1.8 (RFORMAT/RFORMATD) **RLUSB **Shell32 Extender 1.0 **Slipstream Tools 1.3 + Update 1.4 **Terabyte Plus Package 3.0 (TBPLUS) - Up to 32768TiB usable on Windows 9x (16TiB for USB drives!) **DOS DISK/FAT32 TRIM 1.3 - Send TRIM commands to SSD Drives and reuse memory properly **USB - USB Driver for Windows 98 **Windows Driver Model API Extender 0.3 (WDMEX) **XFILE - Provides ability to list, copy, move, exchange, delete, or perform scripts on files with wildcards and other selection options. Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME
Manufacturer: Rudolph Loew
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#23120Rloew's patch bundle.rar3.9 MB0xED9345A8

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