Rescu5 and Secure5 deCompiler for Clipper 5

Category: DBMS
Year: 1994
Description:Decompiler EXE for Clipper (The King of database development for DOS).
Manufacturer: APTware Limited
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6090rescue5_secure5.rar753 KB0x8CFFC81DFake?

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On Friday June 30, 2023 GEMBALI PANDURANGA said:

I have downloaded rescue5 and secure5 decompiler and tried to decompile the exe file, it is showing Error [3,72]
Code generation error.
what does it mean.
thank you,

On Friday October 21, 2016 Marcelo Rojas Olivos said:

Is a malware, not a decompiler.