Regina Rexx Interpreter 3.2

Category: System
Year: 2003
Manufacturer: Anders Christensen
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3681[DOS_Application]_Anders_Christensen_-_Regina_Rexx_Interpreter_3.2_-_Distribution_Disks.zip801.1 KB0xE531D346

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On Thursday August 16, 2007 Troll Hard (guest) said:

IBM developed the REXX language originally for its OS/2 system and Mainframes. It is a scripting language. This is the DOS port. IBM shared code with Commodore to use AmigaDOS/Workbench code in OS/2 in return for Amiga to get the AREXX version of the REXX scripting language. Some of the Tradewars Helper programs run scripts in the REXX language. REXX was replaced by Javascript and VBScript when the World Wide Web came of age.