RBase 2.0

Category: DBMS
Year: 1987
Description:R:BASE's powerful database engine lets you query large amounts of data that other applications can't handle. Format: 360k Imaged: Winimaged Disks: 11 Disk labels (first nine are app, plus two additional) Main Disks: 1 thru 4: SYSTEM DISK 1 thru SYSTEM DISK 4 5: GATEWAY/UTILITIES DISK 1 6: GATEWAY/UTILITIES DISK 2 7: SAMPLES DISK 8: DEVELOPERS EXPRESS DISK 1 9: DEVELOPERS EXPRESS DISK 2 Additional disks: NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR DISK TUTORIAL DISK OS: PC-DOS 2.0+ CPU: XT/AT or better RAM: 384K free Video: any Hardrive: 4Mb free space Mouse: Sound: Install Notes: Insert System Disk 1 and run Install.exe Notes: This is the first full system release of R:Base. Released in '87 and may show problems on drives bigger than 500Mb. The only docs are the Tutorial can be run without installing R:Base, just run Tutorial.exe on the Tutorial disk. When asked to change directories go ahead and follow what it says as it's a 'virtual' tutorial and will demo thru w/o R:Base installed.
Manufacturer: Microrim
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14881RBase 2.0.zip1.9 MB0x16B2BEF9

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