QubeCalc 3.02

Category: Office
Year: 1989
Description:QubeCalc is a TRUE three dimensional spreadsheet (as opposed to some two dimensional spreadsheets which let you link cells of multiple spreadsheets together). It gives you the ability to look at your data in more ways than you ever imagined possible. You can enter data into the QubeCalc WorkQube just as you would with any other spreadsheet. You could treat the WorkQube as if it were 64 separate spreadsheets which are linked together, but it is much more flexible than just that. Shareware.
Manufacturer: FormalSoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20272AccuSoft PD and Shareware 1007 - QubeCalc 3.02 (1989) (5.25-360k).zip291.6 KB0x18FECCBF

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