QuadMaster II for Quadboards

Category: System
Year: 1984
Description:QuadMaster is a set of utilities for use with Quadram memory expansion cards. QuadMaster II includes three fully integrated functions: MasterCache, MasterSpool, and QuadRAM Drive. And QuadMaster II is menu-oriented, making it easy to use. MasterCache is a disk cache system that automatically stores the most recently used data in RAM. By limiting disk accesses, MasterCache significantly speeds up processing in programs that frequently read data from a disk -- such as word processing or electronic spreadsheet programs. Quadmaster II includes QuadRAM Drive, the electronic disk drive that gives you instant access to files. And MasterSpool, the advanced print spooler that allows you to move forward and backward in a file, to pause and resume printing at any time, and to clear the entire buffer.
Manufacturer: Quadram
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20072QuadMaster II for Quadboards (1984) (5.25-160k).7z33.2 KB0x2CE51BD6

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