QRAM 1.00 1.00

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:This archive contains a 360KB floppy image of QRAM 1.00 dated 11th January 1990. I found it on archive.org in an archive of old stuff. It was in an obsolete floppy image format but I managed to convert it (eventually). Unlike the version already on this site (actually v1.01 dated 11th February 1991) this is the first release. I think QRAM 1.xx run on 8086+ machines and may be useful for old versions of DOS that don't have HIMEM.SYS but have extended memory above 1MB (accessed using QEXT.SYS).
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck Office Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23665QRAM100.zip111.8 KB0x96859A59

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On Friday March 22, 2024 wizman said:

Ah, I think I just stumbled on the same TD0 image in the same floppy (BBS) collection on archive.org.
Thanks for doing the conversion. I was getting frustrated on my windows 10 x64 machine in not finding a workable conversion util.