QEMM 7.50 7.50

Category: System
Year: 1994
Description:This archive contains two 1.44MB floppy images of QEMM 7.50 dated 17th September 1994. The images are of ORIGINAL disks that I purchased on eBay (with printed manuals). That said it was registered to the original owner whose details I've removed. Thus no serial number is required to install this. Note that this is the first release of v7.5 (most are 7.53 from 12th May 1995) and will only show as 7.5 (not 7.50). Quarterdeck didn't show the 100th version digit starting with v7.00 and only allowed it to be seen again with 7.53+ via QEMMREG /X or the X key in Manifest. There are already patches on this site (uploaded by me) that will allow you to create 7.51/7.52/7.53 installs from this.
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck Office Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23666QEMM750.zip1.6 MB0xB67C309

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