QEMM 4.23

Category: OS
Year: 1988
Description:QEMM 386 version 4.23
Manufacturer: Quaterdeck
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19849QEMM386-423.zip143.7 KB0x823BFA2A

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On Thursday December 27, 2018 AnnoyedOne said:

Since comments can't be edited note that the date (Nov 2nd) in my previous comment should be Nov 22nd 1988.
Also v4.23 doesn't include Manifest (MFT.EXE) like later versions of QEMM. That said I have verified that v1.01, from QEMM v5.13, does work with v4.23 (in a MS-DOS 3.30 VM).

On Wednesday December 26, 2018 AnnoyedOne said:

This is a 360KB floppy image (.img) with the install files timestamped Nov 2nd 1988 4:23.
Unlike later (v5+) versions of QEMM this one does not require a serial number to install.