QEMM 386 5.0

Category: System
Year: 1992
Description:QRAM A memory manager for Intel 80286 or higher CPUs. It supports Chips and Technologies chipsets. 2.02 added SHADOWRAM switch. QEXT now correctly reallocates eXtended Memory Specification (XMS). It includes VIDRAM, Optimize, LOADHI from QEMM 6.02, Manifest 1.13. Earlier versions of QRAM also supported the older 8086 and 8088 CPUs.
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck Office Systems
Localization: DE

Files to download

#17177QEMM-386.Version5.zip285.5 KB0x9FF1525A

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On Tuesday August 7, 2018 dieymir said:

This is QEMM 386 version 6.00