Protext 6.7 6.7

Category: Office
Year: 1995
Description:What is Protext? One of the most successful British word processor programs, developed by Peterborough-based Arnor Ltd between 1985 and 1995, Protext sold over 30,000 copies. Original written for the Amstrad CPC464, Protext was subsequently released for the Amstrad PCW8256, the PC, the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and the Acorn Archimedes. Despite being packed with advanced features, above all the latest versions of Protext remain fast and very easy to use. It is a credit to the programmers that the user-friendly qualities of the original CPC version have been maintained through to this latest one while building in more and more useful features. This zip contains another two zips, the program together with German & French dictionaries and thesaurus. It also contains two text files, the user manual and reference manual. Once the first is extracted take the and extract all files to another folder. Open the folder in Windows and then: If using Windows Vista, any other version of Windows except XP, or MS-DOS run INSTALLC.BAT which will install Protext to C:\PROTEXT. Alternatively INSTALLD.BAT will install to D:\PROTEXT. If you want to install to a different location you will need to do this from a Command Prompt by typing INSTALL {any path}. If using Windows XP then run INSTALL16C.BAT which will install Protext to C:\PROTEXT. Alternatively INSTALL16D.BAT will install to D:\PROTEXT. If you want to install to a different location you will need to do this from a Command Prompt by typing INSTALL {any path} 16. Feature Summary (version 6.7) * Edit any size file, limited only by disk size. * Up to 36 documents open for editing * Fast spelling checker with Collins dictionary (over 110,000 words). * Thesaurus with 43,000 entries and 827,000 responses * Auto Correct - learn from your typing errors and next time correct them automatically. Expands abbreviations as you type * Unrivalled printer support including PostScript (over 400 printers supported). * Print Preview shows a full page just as it will appear * Graphics import and viewer, colour graphics printing * Styles with scalable font and colour support (printer permitting) * Flexible find and replace function works across multiple files * Index and contents * Footnotes * Indent tabs and centre tabs * Newspaper column printing * Automatic hyphenation * Add column of figures * Powerful mail merge programming language * Configuration program allowing dozens of options to be set. * File conversion utility for importing and exporting various formats. * File sorting program. * 190 page user manual including step by step tutorial. * 160 page reference manual. Enjoy!
Manufacturer: Arnor
Localization: EN

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