Procomm Plus

Category: Communication
Year: 1991
Description:Terminal Emulator and Modem communications software. Also included is a scanned Getting started guide.
Manufacturer: Datastorm Technologies, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#11538Procomm Plus.7z2.7 MB0xA2154F63

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On Wednesday October 14, 2020 John H said:

To install the program, you must Label your Disks as follow disk 1 should be Labeled PCPLUS2_3_1 and disk 2 PCPLUS2_3_2

On Friday March 27, 2020 Don B said:

Made two 1.2MB floppies called DISK #1 and DISK #2. When attempting to do the PCINSTALL from 1st disk get following - Error: Invalid source directory or not DISK #1. So not sure what Procomm added to the install floppies, but these disk contents will not work as provided! Notice, I'm running PC DOS 6.0