PrintPartner 2.0

Category: Office
Year: 1992
Description:PrintPartner allows you to make printed banners, signs, calendars, greeting cards and letterheads. Banners can have a graphic on either end and use any font you select. And may be either one or two lines. Signs may have any number of two graphics you select and may be placed anywhere on the page you wish. Each line of text can use a different font and be sized to your specifications. Calendars with user-entered text can be printed for any month in any year from 1980 to 2098. Greeting cards are much like two small signs that are printed so that you can fold the paper into a greeting card. Letterheads: Create your own letterhead using a variety of fonts and graphics. The letterhead may be placed at the top, bottom or top and bottom of your page. Pictures: you can edit pictures and create new ones. You can directly load Printmaster+ and Print Shop graphics (old Print Shop only, not the New Print Shop) into PrintPartner. Shareware.
Manufacturer: Acropolis Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

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