PowerMenu 5.30

Category: Utility
Year: 1990
Description:This is a registered copy of PowerMenu Version 5.30. Registered to "DOS User" (but you can easily change the name to anything you want with an hex editor). This was set up with the maximum options for users and logging. The supervisor name is "BROWNBAG" and the PW is "MENU;" (press ESC to bypass logging." The manual wasn't clear on how to really set up the logging, maybe someone else has experience?)
Manufacturer: Brown Bag Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15333PM53REG.ZIP265.3 KB0x8BA1A2A8

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On Tuesday November 29, 2022 Rodger Phillips said:

I used Powermenu for the entire time I was on DOS back in the 90's, that is from the time it was released, I used it well into the Windows era (for me this means Win95 onwards) only leaving is behind when my PC use was dominated by Win95, while I am sure I still have my old DOS HDD around somewhere, it is not likely to be in good shape (magnetically) so finding this here after a very long time of wanting it again for emulation I had to sign up, thank you for this, it was one awesome menu application that for me was never beaten not even by windows.