PowerBASIC v2.1 2.1

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:PowerBASIC programming language environment, full version, in-built compiler
Manufacturer: Spectra
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4642Pbasic.zip322.2 KB0xF015A380

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On Monday June 3, 2013  said:

Works absolutely fine - ran it under DOS 3.30 within a Virtual PC VM and executed a "Hello World" EXE compiled for 80286 without any problems whatsoever. Usefully, I actually have a hardcopy set of manuals for this (albeit at v2.0).

On Wednesday September 9, 2009  said:

I could`n dowload the prog and I did`nt loada anything from the site for a few day and I keep receiving the notice that
I reach the load limit???????