Philips P 3238 Drivers

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:Philips P 3238 Drivers
Manufacturer: Philips
Localization: EN

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On Thursday August 27, 2020 Elmar Stellnberger said:

I have bought a Philips P3238 286 computer from wertigesundmehr but the seller has switched all jumper settings. Unfortunately only a few are documented in the manual. Does anyone have a P3238 to look for the positions of the W30, W31, W48(ABC), W36, W40 and W6 jumpers?
If I power the machine on, I get memory addressing errror 0D0000=0D0001. An upgrade from 1MB to 4MB has not changed anything about that error. Additionally I get a CMOS/battery checksum error.