Personal Editor II 2.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1985
Description:A powerful editor from IBM,internal employee use only, with macros ability, still compatible with widnows 7.0.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#9541PE2.rar51.1 KB0x78CE3D67

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On Wednesday February 17, 2021 hrloa admin said:

(PE2.HLP) that appears corrupted.
Can this file be corrected and refreshed?

On Saturday May 4, 2019 iluhen said:

It is an editor, but i failed to understand how to operate it. If you need something simple - go for ezeditor.

On Wednesday September 20, 2017 Blake Mitchell said:

It's ridiculous to have to register to download abandoned apps. I sue BIG TIME for SPAMMING!!!

On Wednesday June 19, 2013  said:

Tested and verified, this is indeed Personal Editor II. This version was released by IBM in 1985.

On Friday May 13, 2011 Hans Pfister said:

I tried to download 3 programs yesterday, but no download started and I got an error message, which told me, the administrator has been informed already. Today I tried it again, and I get the message: "You reached your daily download limit. Please wait 7.7 hours until our day ends and try again."
That's wrong!
Kind regards. Hans