PeachTree III Complete for DOS 3.0

Category: DBMS
Year: 1990
Description:PeachTree III Complete for DOS 11/29/1990 Unzip to disk(s) using -$ parameter, then run PTLOAD.EXE. Serial Number 2912166 View PTLOAD.MSG in a text editor to see more info. Peachtree Software proudly introduces Peachtree Complete III. Working with Complete III is easy. The first step is to load Complete III to your hard disk drive. You may load all nine modules or any combination including sample data files. You can always load other modules later. PTLOAD allows you to make your selections one time and it does the rest. The files on the Distribution Disks are stored in a special compressed form. PTLOAD knows which disks are needed for the modules you have selected and it unpacks and copies the files in the most efficient manner. This process takes a few minutes depending on your selections but PTLOAD will keep you informed on the status of the process. You will be asked to insert each disk as needed to continue with the loading. Now you are on your way to making Peachtree Complete III work for you! AppleSeed 2021
Manufacturer: PeachTree Software Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22363INSTALL & SERIAL.zip29.3 KB0x716EFC14
#22364PEACH31.ZIP543.4 KB0xC1A09A99
#22365PEACH32.ZIP562.9 KB0x95D39331
#22366PEACH33.ZIP567.4 KB0xC74036CF
#22367PEACH34.ZIP551 KB0x8765A3FA
#22368PEACH35.ZIP509.3 KB0xF86FB6BD

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