Pascal 7.01

Category: System
Year: 1992
Manufacturer: Borland Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3724[DOS_Application]_Borland_-_Pascal_7.01_Professional_-_Installation_Disks.zip14.3 MB0xC5C4408B

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On Sunday September 17, 2017 Wim said:

Complete set of installation disks (contents in separate disk-directories, no disk images) for Turbo Pascal 7 + Objects.

On Monday March 7, 2016 jaapelle said:

terima kasih

On Thursday August 28, 2014 spellbinder103 said:

alright, i will try at virtual PC...

On Wednesday April 2, 2014 anelson77388 said:

I think this is actually Turbo Pascal 7.1 rather than Borland Pascal with Objects. There is no windows ide in the supplied files. Sorry,

On Monday April 27, 2009 ailuromancer said:

This, contrary to what other commenters said, IS 7.01. From​borpasv.htm (Borland Pascal, Turbo Pascal Version Information) I quote this:
'Borland Pascal with Objects 7.01 - 7.01 is a "silent maintenance release", i.e. if you bought 7.0 you may have actually purchased 7.01. Check the file times of your installation. 7.00 is dated 10/27/92 with a time of 07:00. 7.01 should be dated 3/9/93 with a time stamp of 07:01.'
Just check the timestamps of included files. Note the date, and time of 07:01. Thus, it's 7.01.
Don't be confused, it's got the right title.
(Oh, and thanks, VETUSWARE.COM)

On Thursday February 19, 2009 Hobbes said:

This is Borland Pascal with Objects 7.0.

On Saturday January 10, 2009  said:

there is no differences between 7.0-
I don't think it is 7.01. When you click 'help-about' you can see Turbo Pascal Version 7.0

On Wednesday October 29, 2008 firingseeds said:

Awesome. It works! Thank you.

On Monday June 4, 2007 Rigo Muniz (guest) said:

Borland International's Pascal
The last version of Turbo Pascal was called Borland Pascal 7 and contained an IDE and compilers for creating DOS, extended DOS and Windows 3.x programs.