Paint Shop Pro 4.15 SE

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1999
Description:Special Edition OEM version of the famous graphic software from JASC. Enjoy it.
Manufacturer: JASC, inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#5697PaintShop Pro 4.15 SE.7z5.1 MB0xA32777F4

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On Wednesday February 14, 2024 Beliathal said:

Been using v4.12 since 1996, nothing compares to it. I have all the modern versions, but 4.12 was/is the best when you need a lightweight app to quickly edit some simple stuff. However it doesn't scale up properly in Windows 11, so I'm trying to mod the resources like icons and fonts, with some hex editing and disassembling, to make things larger, and while doing so, stumbled upon an issue... Downloading v4.15 in hopes I can help me resolve the issue

On Monday April 19, 2021 Get Plugins said:

This was marked as fake. My anti-virus found nothing wrong with it, and it installed and ran fine, so I marked it as not fake.

On Thursday February 2, 2017 ubiquitus said:

Windows Defender is reporting it has found malware in this download.

On Monday December 23, 2013 Garrett H said:

Long ago I was a user of version 4.12 and used it for my web design business. It was a work horse graphics editor that was always reliable and easy to use, it did the job and did it well. Version 4.15 here is near identical to the version I used(lost my disks).
I have since purchased Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2(Corel bought out PSP from JASC some time back) and it's a monster now. Quite full featured but a bit of a pain to use. The old PSP listed here is still viable for most intermediate(or a bit more) needs or for some quick graphic needs.
If you need more than Windows Paint and less than Photoshop, GIMP or the latest PSP, then PSP 4.15 here is a must have. Install seems complete and files seem to be legit, good download.