PS/1 model 2121 raw backup 1.0

Category: OS
Year: 1991
Description:I just recently acquired a PS/1 model 2121, and I thought I'd 'backup' the thing. This backup works with DOS 4.00 (that is in ROM on this thing), and contains everything that was on this PC. I'm sure some of it is corrupt or damaged, but I haven't seen any install sets for the PS/1 . Note the quad screen only works on PS/1's!! *Microsoft Windows 3.0a *Microsoft Works *Microsoft learning windows *Prodigy *PS/1 Club *Promenade *PS/1 System Tutorial And no doubt other incorrectly installed junk.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#11416ps1-2121-backup.7z10.3 MB0x347A1CF1

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On Saturday July 4, 2015 Roger Winthorpe said:

File works fine. It's a MS-DOS 4.0 restore set. I just restored it onto a VPC, and it works!

On Thursday July 26, 2012 Zbaaca said:

File is damaged (probably not uploaded to its finish).