PC/TCP 2.03 pl3

Category: Communication
Year: 1991
Description:PC/TCP version 2.05 patchlevel 3 and InterDrive. Three disk images: d1-4 contains "disks" 1-4, d5-8+ID contains "disks" 5-8 plus the InterDrive program. u1-3 contains the three "disks" of "unsupported" content, primarily Clarkson Packet Drivers.
Manufacturer: FTP Software, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19739PCTCP_205pl3.zip2.4 MB0x5F08B064

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On Tuesday October 1, 2019 uwotm8 said:

The title is wrong, it should be "PC/TCP 2.05 pl3." It supports DOS and Windows 3.1.
Includes InterDrive 1.1 pl6 for DOS 4+ and Windows 3.1.