Category: OS
Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Berkeley Softworks
Localization: EN

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#14geos.rar3.3 MB0x2A645ECAFake?

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On Sunday May 26, 2019 wlange said:

Ah, and you can change the resolution to 800x600 under Preferences/Video.

On Sunday May 26, 2019 wlange said:

- For installation in DOSBox, copy all disks content to an install source folder
- Start installation with INSTALL.EXE from source folder and follow prompts
- Edit "DISK.ID" when next/previous disk is requested (enter disk number and save)
- Add "fs = os2.geo" (without quotes) to the [system] section of GEOS.INI
- Choose "Microsoft PS/2 Mouse" on the mouse selection screen
VoilĂ , it (Geo)works!

On Thursday July 23, 2015 seamus mcgunkle said:

This appears to be some GEOS software, but the description is wrong. It's not GEOS; there is no installer nor executables. Marked as fake.

On Tuesday November 24, 2009  said:

will found no valid font after installation,just give u a logo,and then quit.I tried to fix the problem but, i think the best way is not to download this,it's not a valid system itself.

On Wednesday July 1, 2009  said:

Try to download. "Some unexpected error occured". Nothing happens

On Wednesday April 22, 2009 dMk said:

can't download, the page back as if nothing happened

On Thursday April 17, 2008 Douglas (guest) said:

I used geoworks before windows was a glimmer, with pctools ver 7 I think. On a 286 it was slow but I was used to that then. Between those 2 progs I had a handle on my machine and data that hasn't been surpassed since. Cubecalc, a 3d spreadsheet was the iceing on the cake. I miss those old days and our complete control over things.

On Saturday March 1, 2008 Bojan (guest) said:

How to install it?

On Wednesday June 20, 2007 BPsoftware(S) (guest) said:

This software is a 16 bit Operating system, the following of its predecessor. This OS is something like Windows 3.1, but much better

On Thursday March 15, 2007 Martin (guest) said:

Yes I do,I am still using the original GEOS on my C64 and C128.
It is a "macalike" overlay onto DOS.
It was the first GUI that I had seen using the WIMP system only 16 bit but gave a complete setof office type tools and is fully integrated.
After the C64/128 version the version relased for the PC started out as GEOPUBL a desktop publishing programme,just like the Apple Mac.
Then it became PCGEOS and finally turned into the version that I use on a 486 DX75.It is called Ensemble2.
At the time of the C128 version there several magazines dedicated to this OS,some of which I still have.
The best version of the C64/128 release was the one that utilised the 1581 disc drive,3.25 as opposed to the 5.5 which was then the standard.
A good source of information is a publication called "Twin Cities". If it can still be found.

On Wednesday August 16, 2006 AlexZOP (guest) said:

This is NOT the old C64/128 GEOS. This is a great Sharewareversion of the PC DOS GUI "Geoworks 2.0" named "GeoPublish". There are many other cool Things in this Archiv. Great! But, the NEWEST PC/GEOS is available from: www.breadbox.com ! PC/GEOS Forever! Your AlexZOP (meat me at www.geos-infobase.de).

On Sunday March 26, 2006 guest (guest) said:

Before Bill Gates and IBM even dreamed up WINDOWS (probably before they knew what GUI stood forr, too!), Berkleley Softworks produced this Graphical User Interface (GUI) called GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System) for the Commodore 64. No matter what spin doctors tell you, no matter what historical revionists do, this remains one of, if not the first WINDOWS type OS's for a home PC.

On Tuesday February 28, 2006 AndrewP182 said:

Version two of the GEOS workstation.

On Saturday February 11, 2006 guest (guest) said:

What is GEOS?
GEOS stands for Graphical Environment Operating System, and is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) operating system for computers. It was developed in 1986 by Berkely Softworks as a point and click alternative for users of many popular home computers. It is now being sold and supported by Click Here Software.
The appeal of GEOS lies in its modern features, such as;
* The ability to cut-and-paste text, graphics, and other objects.
* Drag-and-drop file management such as copying, printing, and deleting.
* Support for numerous printers, input devices, and disk drives.
* Numerous point-and-click applications.
* An easy to use GUI interface.
* Support for memory expansion, process switching, and print spooling (in some versions).
The final worldwide version from Berkeley Softworks was GEOS 2.0, around 1987. This version included all the features of the previously GEOS versions, and added the following:
* Desk accessory 'Pad Color Pref' added.
* New versions of 'Photo Manager' and 'Text Manager' released.
* Support for hotkeys in the deskTop
* New version of geoWrite with headers and footers
* TEXT GRABBER geoWrite import program included.
* geoSpell spelling checker program included.
* geoMerge program included.
* geoLaser program included.
Check out: