PCDOS 2000 Install CD Bootable 2000 (7.0 version1)

Category: OS
Year: 1996
Description:This is a ISO to create IBM PCDOS 2000 CD. Since I wasn't able to find a bootable version of a CD with PCDOS 2000, I created one. The CD is boots to PCDOS and loads the required drivers for DOS to access PATA, SATA and SCSI Drives. The boot drive is A: and the access to the CD files are on the R: drive. Also I included the 1.44 floppy .img file I made and used to make the CD bootable. You can use it to create a bootable PCDOS 2000 floppy that includes drivers to access DVD/CDROM drive.Created with IMGBURN and using the DVD-R/RW profile.
Manufacturer: IBM/Modified
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15792PCDOS2k.rar21.9 MB0x6C777D62

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