PC-PILOT Programmer's Pop-Up 1.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1990
Description:PC-PILOT Programmer's Pop-Up Released as Freeware by Tom Grubbe 1-12-89 ------------------------------------------ PC-PILOT is your basic TSR program for programmer's. It can be run as a resident program or as a normal non-resident program by adding "-x" at the command line: PCPILOT -x The program will run and exit normally without becoming memory resident. If run as a resident program, make sure it is the last TSR loaded on your system. You can uninstall PCPILOT from the main menu and this is why it must be loaded last. I decided to release this program as FREEware for several reasons: 1. Because I'm a nice guy 2. To share some C functions that I find useful 3. So you can modify it to suit your specific needs 4. So you can be sure of the integrity of this program Requirements: IBM PC/XT/AT or compatable 256kb RAM minimum DOS 3.0 or greater Color or Monochrome monitor Borland's Turbo C (c) 1.5 or greater (optional) MASM or TASM assemblers (optional) Files in this archive: README .1ST - This file ASCII .C - C code for the Ascii chart BASECVT .C - C code for the number base converter BOXCHR .C - C code for the box character function CLRCODES.C - C code for the color codes function KEYCODES.C - C code for the keyboard codes function PRTCODES.C - C code for the printer setup function RULER .C - C code for the ruler TSR .C - C code for the TSR engine PCPILOT .PRJ - Project file for PCPILOT.EXE PCPILOT .C - main() module for PCPILOT.EXE PCPILOT .EXE - Executible program KBD .H - Keyboard functions header file SCR .H - Screen functions header file SCR .LIB - Screen functions library SCR .TXT - listing of modules in SCR.LIB SCR .ZIP - Source code for modules in SCR.LIB SCR.ZIP contains all the source code contained in SCR.LIB. Most of the functions were taken from the book "Systems Programming In Turbo C" by Michael J. Young, Others from the book "Supercharging C With Assembly Language" by Chesley Waite. These library functions alone make this download worth your while. I use them in just about every program that I write and you should find them useful as well. PCPILOT was compiled in Turbo C v2.0. If you do not have Turbo C, you won't be able to compile TSR.C which uses the "interrupt" function type, which most other compilers don't support, in many of its local functions. Sorry. Also, If you are not a programmer, most of this stuff is probably of no use to you anyway. Disclaimer: There is no guarentee that PCPILOT will work correctly in all situations, and in no event will I, the author, be liable for any damages arising from the use or misuse of this program. PCPILOT is FREEware and may be distributed and copied by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Tom Grubbe 575 Curie Drive San Jose, CA 95123 
Manufacturer: Tom Grubbe
Localization: EN

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