PC-DOS 2000

Category: OS
Year: 1998
Description:Files are WinImage *.VFD format.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3373PC-DOS2000.rar7.7 MB0xDA78470

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On Saturday December 26, 2015 AlexiAnna2005 said:

If you don't know how to open files in this archive just use WinImage, open file (for example Disk1.ext) and save them as *.ima file (using Save As ...)
That's all.

On Saturday December 24, 2011 fleabag said:

PC DOS originally came with FIVE(5) installation disks - and of those five installation disks four of them were XDF formatted, so any other type of disk format WILL NOT WORK when trying to install it.

On Tuesday January 12, 2010  said:

This is the last version of PC-DOS 2000