PC-DOS 1.00

Category: OS
Year: 1981
Description:The very first IBM PC-DOS version ever :) Original image + files in separate archive are included.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4398IBM.PCDOS.v1.00.rar154.8 KB0xC753BFAA

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On Monday February 16, 2015 TheStarman said:

I wish I could edit my last comment!
The 'other download' item here should have been:
"IBM DOS 1.00 [Boot Floppy Image] 1.00"
(Oh, and now I can't compare that one, since I just found there is a 'download limit!')

On Monday February 16, 2015 TheStarman said:

I verified that the DISTR.IMG file in this download is identical to the other download here at VETUSWARE:
"IBM Personal Computer DOS 1.0".
And that they both have the same MD5 sum as the original IBM diskette:
as can be found here:

On Tuesday March 25, 2014 Romanon said:

not work for me, tried on IBM PC 5150

On Sunday January 6, 2013  said:

Awesome deal! This appears to be the genuine thing!
The only issue I ran in to is that DCOPY wanted the disk to be formatted before it would write the image. Formatted the blank 720k 3.5" disk as 160k and all was well. Tested it and it booted just fine.

On Sunday June 5, 2011 derek55 said:

I get
Some unexpected error occured - your file cannot be prepared for downloading. The website administration has already been notified about the problem.

On Thursday January 6, 2011 Bill Mc said:

The easiest way to format a disk for PC-DOS 1.0 is using PC-DOS 1.0, but one way to solve the chicken & egg problem is to use MS-DOS 6.22- you can use help to look up the syntax but it's tricky:
format b: /u /c /4 /1 /8
or a: depending on your drive's position on the floppy ribbon cable. Basically /4 says "it's a 5.25-inch floppy", /1 says "single-sided" and /8 (sectors) says its 160k, not 180k.
There's another syntax /f:160 which spec's a 160k floppy but I haven't been able to get that syntax to work.
Yes I confirm you can write to a 3.5" floppy. Just format it to its normal size (1.44MB or 720k), then use DCOPY to write = S8. I even got mine to boot on a Core2 Duo with a wireless keyboard! but you can only do read operations. Any command which writes to disk will fail, because 3.5-inch floppies aren't supported before PC-DOS 3.2 - it's just nice that DCOPY supports them.

On Tuesday November 11, 2008  said:

The image can be transferred also on a 3 1/2 floppy.
I double checked the files with the version I had from another source... it' OK.
It booted flawlessly on a 3.00GHz PIV.
You can't execute basic and basica, on modern PCs. You need ROM Basic Code ...

On Wednesday October 1, 2008 Benchmark said:

This image can't be opened with utilities like WinImage.
You need to copy this image with dcopy.exe (included in archive) to 5 1/4 floppy disk formatted to 160k.

On Monday September 29, 2008 CmteChiarello said:

Sorry, buddy, but the floppy image is corrupted. Please try uploading again!