PC Pool Challenges

Category: Games
Year: 1984
Description:Classic pool game. "...Aside from basic pool choices like direction, strength, and english, you can also do things like turn the pockets on and off, set the maximum speed at which a ball can be shot at, undo and redo, and many more. Controls: To move the cue (note: the red line is not the cue but the direction line) use the arrow keys and Home, Page Up, End, and Page Down to jump to a corner of the table. The key's position on the keyboard corresponds to which corner it will jump to. To access the options in game, press F1 or F2-F5 if you know which menu you want to open. F2, F4, and F5 will show you all the options and controls while F3 will show the game's statistics."
Manufacturer: IBM Corporation
Localization: EN

Files to download

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