PC Globe Map 'N Facts 1.0 World Edition 1.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1993
Description:PC Globe is an atlas for MS-DOS released in 1993. To install extract each of the disk images to a mounted usb flash memory using DOSBOX (Ctrl + F4 to switch between "disks"). Images can also be extracted using software "7-Zip".
Manufacturer: Broderbund Software Inc
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17058PC Globe Map 'N Facts 1.0 World Edition.zip6.6 MB0x22D74F45

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On Tuesday August 9, 2016 Marcio Antunes said:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to mount the disk images:
imgmount a PC_GLO~1.IMA
Could not extract drive geometry from image. Use parameter -size bps, spc,hpc,cyl to specify the geometry.