PC Diagnostics ''95 (diags)

Category: Utility
Year: 1996
Description:Description found here: https://www.bttr-software.de/freesoft/system.htm PC Diagnostics '95 (for DOS including, but not limited to, MS-DOS 7/Win95) performs hardware testing – this distinguishes it from traditional system information utils like Microsoft's MSD or Qualitas' ASQ. PC Diagnostics "can check out most aspects of any PC, including modern features such as the PCI, AGP & MCA busses, and handles all types of systems, from an XT all the way to Pentium II. Performs system burn-ins and can even detect intermittent problems." Development of this program has ceased, but it should remain useful for legacy PCs.
Manufacturer: unknownn)
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

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