PC DOS 2000 J7.00.1C

Category: OS
Year: 1998
Manufacturer: Ibm Corp.
Localization: JA

Files to download

#12888IBM PC DOS 2000 7.00.1C.zip13.5 MB0x801FD945Fake?

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On Friday August 16, 2013  said:

I tried to make floppy disk by using make disk.exe and edited .ini file, but always it said A drive floppy is corrupt.
diskcopy.com also did not work. However, i used same floppy 1.44Mb image for other DOS disk, and it works well. Both blank floppy images and extract software have no problems. Only PC DOS 2000 files are questionable. I think this file is damaged. If someone could make floppy disks, please let me know.