PALASM2 2.23 2 2.23

Category: System
Year: 1988
Description:Rare software to design microchips and convert logical equations to JEDEC-files. These files are neccesary to burn PAL- and GAL-chips. With a programmer, someone can change these chips internal logic-gates to design whatever kind of microchip is intended. The newer version palasm4 1.5 has a completely different user-interface. This version is even harder to get than version 4. It's from the wayback-machine's software-archive. Therefore I don't know if it's virus-free. There are only three programs like palasm: WinCUPL, Opal and Opaljr. Since GAL-chips are not used anymore in industry, there is no new software for them in present time.
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23220PALASM_2_2.23.7z26.6 MB0x82619E53

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