Oregon Trail

Category: Games
Year: 1985
Description:Oregon trail floppy version for MS-DOS, was preceeded by Oregon Trail Deluxe in 1992
Manufacturer: MECC
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7302org.zip346.1 KB0x8D631F21
#18325Oregon Trail, The (1990).zip355.2 KB0x352B7517

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On Friday February 23, 2018 Christopher Salem said:

The Years shown doesn't make sense.
This is listed as a DOS game, but if this version was "preceded by Oregon Trail Deluxe" that would be impossible as the Deluxe edition was the last DOS version.
· 1985 is when the Apple II version was released, not DOS version.
· Oregon Trail Deluxe was released in 1992.
· Oregon Trail v1.2 was released in 1993 for Windows.

On Friday August 13, 2010 FrogmanTM said:

I keep getting a "disk error: 2" when trying to play it... Oh ,well.