Oracle InterOffice Composer Version

Category: Office
Year: 1997
Description:Oracle InterOffice Composer is a Java personal productivity application that combines word processing and presentation graphics. Run SETUP.EXE in D:\Win95 or D:\WinNT directory.
Manufacturer: Oracle
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#22780composer.iso31.7 MB0x4E8B0E65

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On Sunday January 9, 2022 vslabs said:

Found this still sealed in a CD casing among my old s/w. Do not even recall hearing of this product.
As a version 1.0 product, it's likely buggy. It does include JRE 1.1.3 though.
There's mention in the CD casing notes of using an InterOffice Document Server - have no details on what that entails.