OpenNT 4.5

Category: OS
Year: 2015
Description:This is Stephano's OpenNT build sr687 the latest (and only) version I could find. I tweeked some stuff to allow me to get it to build... Although you have to run the build process twice, but I was able to generate an ISO and boot it up. This is not for the weak, it's crazy involved to set this up, but I did what I could. To get the 7z file run: copy /b "OpenNT45(Source).z00" + "OpenNT45(Source).z01" + "OpenNT45(Source).z02" "OpenNT45(Source).7z"
Manufacturer: Stephanos
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#19928NT45Wks(binary).7z44.1 MB0x18C93603
#19929OpenNT45(Source).z00100 MB0x58F189C
#19930OpenNT45(Source).z01100 MB0xFECDC049
#19931OpenNT45(Source).z0239.5 MB0x19FC9D6F

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On Tuesday April 30, 2024 UIDRUBIA said:

Cool's System


On Thursday June 29, 2023 allen said:

Okay.This source is great.But Microsoft......

On Sunday March 12, 2023 淳平 said:



On Tuesday January 3, 2023 Sophia Stiedemann said:

Wow, this looks cool, but I think Microsoft should suspend this...

On Tuesday June 7, 2022 blackPainke_ said:

That's really cool!!!
But is it really legal? :/