OpenGEM 4

Category: OS
Year: 2005
Description:GUI for DOS.
Manufacturer: Shane Land
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3427OPENGEM4.zip4.3 MB0xD26B6B13

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On Thursday November 29, 2007 DJ_DEXTER (guest) said:

Muy buen GUI para Dos se parece bastante a la lisa de Mac "la antigua" xd!!, aunque no lo es

On Monday September 25, 2006 Yoswin (guest) said:

V.S.O.P. GUI system for dos, even born before MS Windows 1; now is a priceless freeware, continuously developped by many programmers, this OpenGem is one of the descendants comes with many formal commercial GUI applications for free (wordprocessor, spreadsheet, publishing, drawing, painting, graphing etc.). Try it, it's great.