OpenDOS 7.01 versions dossrc 7.01

Category: OS
Year: 1997
Description:Caldera OpenDOS (a.k.a. DR DOS) 7.01 source codes. OpenDOS 7.01 has 3 versions. Caldera released corresponding source packages. I've converted from original to .7z format.
Manufacturer: Caldera
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14358OpenDOS 7.01 19970123 DOSSRC.7z692.3 KB0xE1EBAE43
#14359OpenDOS 7.01 19970227 DOSSRC.7z692.3 KB0xE72C852
#14360OpenDOS 7.01 19970505 DOSSRC.7z692.3 KB0x7C553596

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On Tuesday March 26, 2024 Nathan said:

I haven't reported it as "fake" since technically it isn't. But there is zero difference between the contents of the 0227 (Feb. 27th) and the 0505 (May 5th) packages...all files contained within both are 100% identical to each other. Thus the 0505 archive is redundant.
The only difference between 0123 and 0227/0505 is the LICENSE.TXT file; other than that they are also completely identical. I think a change or update of license terms is historically interesting and significant, and thus I wouldn't consider 0123 and 0227 to be redundant even if the actual code is no different between the two.
For the actual full install/binary releases (separate entry here on Vetusware), 0123/0227/0505 all have identical binary files when it comes to the actual software, but also all have minor setup file differences between each other, in addition to license changes as well. Those appear to have been uploaded by the same person who uploaded these. That there were differences between all 3 on the binary side may have led this person to conclude there should be matching source releases as well.