Open Access 3 3

Category: Office
Year: 1989
Description:Powerful integrated suite comprising: Database, Programmer, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Communications, Applications, Utilities. Has a superb relational database, and buried within the spreadsheet is a statistical analysis module that will make you sweat bricks unless you are a statistician. Minimal graphics, hyper DOS-sy, but extremely powerful with a built in programming language and hypertext manual as well as inbuilt help. Also feature macro generator, a dialing contacts manager (primitive) and pop-up text editor. Inbuilt file encryption too. Amazing software for its day and still gives modern suites a run for their money. Loves a DOS environment, works well with windows up to 2000. OK with XP. Best run in a VM these days
Manufacturer: SPI Software Products International
Localization: EN

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#19047OA3net.zip3.7 MB0x4C5441C6

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On Thursday February 16, 2023 Ieltxu said:

doesnt install in msdos 6.22, after f10 it exits to the prompt

On Monday January 15, 2018 zort said:

doesnt install in dosbox, after f10 it exits to the prompt

On Saturday January 6, 2018 PAF said:

Forgot to add in the description - this is the network version licensed for 5 users. If you lose a station (due to abend, BSD, power outage) the tally of 5 stations can be restored with the STATINS.EXE utility included.