One-Write Plus Accounting with Payroll 4.51

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:Accounting software for DOS. 4 disk images
Manufacturer: NEBS Software, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19340ONE-WRITE Plus Accnt w-Payroll v4.51 disk images.rar2.9 MB0x1622DAE1

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On Thursday November 21, 2019 TonyB said:

If you don't mind editing a file in hex, it is possible to bypass the serial.
Get a hexeditor, and open \OWP\SYSTEM\Sysinfo.dat
You want to change byte 43 to FF. Byte 42 will be some value, which should correspond with how many attempts you have left to enter the correct serial.
Worst case, make a copy of this file, and restore the copy if you're out of attempts.

On Sunday March 18, 2018 o211265 said:

serial missing