Novell NetWare 5.1 SP7

Category: OS
Year: 1998
Description:Novel NetWare was an early and powerful network/file sharing operating system. It was first released in 1983 and supported DOS and CP/M clients and was initially unique in that it shared individual files rather than entire disk volumes. Initially servers ran on a proprietary Motorola 68000 system but quickly changed to IBM PC where it supported a very wide variety of third party hardware. It used a cooperative tasking server environment and had some advanced features usually only found in mainframe products. During the late 80s and early 90s, NetWare was very popular with large enterprise businesses. The first releases of DOOM used NetWare's IPX protocol for networking support. Later NetWare versions added TCP/IP support in addition to its native IPX protocol.
Manufacturer: Novell, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23346NetWare-5.1_SP7.7z405.4 MB0x14B1FF77

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