Norton Utilities 4.0 for Mac

Category: Utility
Year: 1998
Description:For Macintosh PPC System 7.0 - Mac OS 9 4.0 and later only support PPC Macintosh. For 68K based Macs you must use 3.5.3 or earlier. Norton Utilities 4.0 includes: Norton Disk Doctor, Norton Disk Editor, File Saver, Unerase, Speed Disk, System Info, Volume Recover, Norton CrashGuard. Norton utilities 4.0 adds support for MacOS 8.1, Mac OS Extended Format, HFS+ file system, and provides a bootable CD. Requires PPC Mac, System 7.5 or higher, 16mb RAM, 20MB hard disk space, and a CD-ROM.
Manufacturer: Symantec
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17863Norton Utilities 4.0 for Mac (ISO).7z24.7 MB0xC868CC63

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