Norton Editor 2.0 (with Norton DOS Editor included) 2.0

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:Norton Editor 2.0 is a full-screen text editor with pull-down menus, dialog boxes, and standard mouse support. The Norton DOS Editor, NDE.COM, is a small memory resident program (TSR) which keeps track of your most recent DOS commands, so that you can recall and edit them.
Manufacturer: Symantec Corporation
Localization: EN

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On Thursday March 30, 2017 wizman said:

Very nice.
"Published Symantec Corporation
Version 2.0 -- 11/28/90
Copyright © 1990 S. Reifel & Co.
Made by S. Reifel & Co., The Norton Editor was created for software programmers. It features search and replace, block copy, move, delete, kill all characters on line, undelete text, split-screen for working on two documents, append file, go to line, condensed display mode, word wrap, format a paragraph, set tab, select display color, mouse support, go to line, find matching, search and replace, on-line help and more.
Also included is The Norton DOS Editor, a TSR to recall and edit used DOS commands. ."