Norton Commander for Windows 2.01

Category: System
Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Peter Norton Computing/Symantec
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#3614ncw201en.zip3.7 MB0x4F902EDCFake?

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On Wednesday July 1, 2020 admin sysop said:

You can install it in a 64bit OS, you will have to find a correct setup.exe that is not 16bit. I have one if you need it.

On Thursday February 9, 2017 dosprog said:

it's impossible to install NCW2 under Windows 64-bit.
It's WIN16 NE program, 16-bit programs not supported at x64 operating systems.

On Saturday February 27, 2016 Lilip said:

Do you know how to install this NC under Windows 10 64bit? I've tried all compatibility modes, but no success.

On Friday January 11, 2013  said:

Download worked ok for me. Seems to be the real deal. This version is a native 32-bit application that runs on Win9x.

On Wednesday November 10, 2010 Bethel visual said:

This download works. I erroneously reported as a fake. My apologies!


On Monday August 17, 2009 CW2K said:

...ah I see I comment was cut off because I used the [ISSmallerChar](yes that char that is also used to start a HTML Tag) without to 'close' it with a [ISGreaterChar].
So here is real part 2/2
Sourcecode snipped:
SendMessageA( HWnd, WM_CHAR,Key, (lKeyData_low LSHIFT 16) | lKeyData_high )
Sourcecode snipped:
SendMessageA( HWnd, WM_CHAR,Key, lKeyData_low | (lKeyData_high LSHIFT 16) )

Original Asm:
00334B4F 8B4C24 18 MOV ECX, [ESP+18] ; lKeyData_low (repeat count)
00334B53 8B5424 1C MOV EDX, [ESP+1C] ; lKeyData_high (ALT key pressed,previous key state, Releasestate )
00334B57 81E1 FFFF0000 AND ECX, 0FFFF ; Set high 16Bit Part of ECX to 0000
00334B5D 81E2 FFFF0000 AND EDX, 0FFFF ; Set high 16Bit Part of EDX to 0000
00334B63 C1E1 10 SHL ECX, 10 ; Shift Low 16 bits part up to high 16 bits part
00334B66 8B40 1C MOV EAX, [EAX+1C]
00334B69 0BCA OR ECX, EDX ; Combine / 'OR' Low and High 16 bit part together
00334B6B 51 PUSH ECX ; lKeyData
00334B6C 56 PUSH ESI ; Key
00334B6D 68 02010000 PUSH 102 ; WM_CHAR
00334B72 50 PUSH EAX ; HWnd
00334B73 FFD7 CALL EDI ; SendMessageA

Patch Asm:
00334B63 C1E2 10 SHL EDX, 10 ; Shift high 16 bits up
I make a patch doing this:​8428306/NC_Win_XP_SP2_Patch.ra​r.html
^ Can be downloaded only 10 times !!! Please reUpload this somewhere else (or again at Rapidshare) if you DL this.


On Monday August 17, 2009 CW2K said:

so here is Part 2/3
Original sourcecode snipped:
SendMessageA( HWnd, WM_CHAR,Key, (lKeyData_low


On Monday August 17, 2009 CW2K said:

There is a Bug that will come up on Windows XP SP2 and higher
When the cursor is is not blinking in the commandline Textbox and you press a key it get's repeated several times.
For example each time you press '1' , '11' will occure in the commandline
when you press '2' you get '222'
'3' gives '333'
To fix this open
'NC_MAIN.dll' in Hexeditor an replace all
C1 E1 10 8B 40 1C with
?? E2 ?? ?? ?? ??
The Bug is present in all versions of 'NC for Win' but didn't take effect, since Windows didn't care about the 'repeat count' parameter
in the WM_CHAR Message. Probably that's why the bug wasn't noticed even by the programmers.
In SP2 Mircosoft fixed that issue with the WM_CHAR repeat count parameter in user32.dll(ntdll.dll or were every) and so the bug
got visible.
Sourcecode snipped:
SendMessageA( HWnd, WM_CHAR,Key, (lKeyData_low