News Master unknow

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1989
Description:Similar to print master
Manufacturer: Unknow
Localization: EN

Files to download

#9136NEWS.rar600.1 KB0xB73F9AEC

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On Thursday November 11, 2010 luga said:

Dear Clara, search in the news directory two files: hard.cfg o news.cfg. Open them in notepad or MS-EDIT and look this following lines:
GraphicsLibraryPath a:/news/arte
GraphicsLibraryFile news
IconFile a:/news.icn
ClipboardFile a:/news.clp
FontLibraryFile a:/news.flb
MenuFile a:/news.mnu
PrinterFile a:/news.prn
Only replace the path of each file with the directory of your New?s files. Saludos!!!

On Friday October 29, 2010 Clara Sinesterra said:

It appears to be a problem with the fonts directory, when tryng to start the program it warns that the fonts are missing.